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Apply for a Speaking Role at Mobile Health Seminar

Speakers are requested to apply for a speaking role in Mobile Health's second biannual Home Health Seminar in New York City. The seminar attracts home health agency leaders from New York City for a chance to learn new and innovative ways to grow and manage their businesses. Speakers are provided 20-30 minutes to present a topic fitting with the seminar theme. Deadline for applying is August 11 2014. The seminar is scheduled to take place September 25 at a Midtown Manhattan location, TBD.

Mobile Health is interested in covering topics related to understanding and maximizing tax credits, ensuring compliance across different vendors and government agencies, human resource management and optimization, new affordable technology solutions, and other topics of benefit to home health agencies. Speakers with knowledge and experience in these topics are encouraged to apply and present themselves at the seminar. Candidates may apply below:

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